Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean a Freedom Heated garment?

Freedom Vest, Jacket Liner or Chap Liners: 1. Wash in a sink or basin with warm or cold water and a mild laundry detergent agitating gently by hand. 2. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. 3. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat with an adsorbent towel. 4. Hang on a plastic hanger or lay flat to completely air dry inside and out before using. Do not dry clean, iron or dry with heat source.

Freedom Leather Gloves: 1. Clean with a damp cloth and moisturizing leather cleaner. 2. Remove all soap residue with a clean damp cloth. 3. Allow gloves to air dry completely. 4. Apply a leather conditioner. For best results use a natural brand cleaner and conditioner.

2. My bike already has a plug for a battery tender. Can I use that plug for my heated clothing?

No, for two reasons: a.) A Freedom battery cord is included with every Freedom Jacket Liner, Vest or pair of Chap Liners that is specifically designed and fused to handle the amperage required for Freedom Heated Clothing. b.) Often the location of your battery tender plug is not ideal. I recommend installing and using a Freedom battery cord locating the plug at the front of your seat (sticking out 5 cm. or 2 in.) and on the side of the seat for a passenger. This is safer location with no wires crossing the operators body.

3. Do I need a temperature controller?

After much research on human tolerance of temperature, Freedom Heated Clothing was designed to operate without a temperature controller as it maintains a safe, constant and  comfortable temperature while riding preventing injury to skin. Although there are aftermarket controllers that will work with Freedom products, I strongly  recommend using your Freedom Heated Clothing before buying one. Usually, if it feels too warm it is because the ambient temperature outside has risen and additional heat is no longer required.